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Fstoppers Original: How Sports Illustrated Photographers Shoot Football.mp4

See how Sports Illustrated Staff Photographers do their job in this amazing video

B&H Prospectives: Sports Photography | Al Bello

Baseball Photography: Tips for Sports Photographers

MasterGlass 28:

How to shoot a hockey game with Steve Russell from The Toronto Star


A Day in the Life of a Sports Photographer at the Olympic Games with Gabriel Bouys 



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Disclaimer: The videos presented on this page are for educational purposes only to show photographers what the procedures are when shooting different sports. The photographers listed in these videos did not use a Picture Stock Press Pass to gain access to these games. 

Once you have a Picture Stock Press Pass, you are required to contact the media relations department for the event you wish to cover for final clearance and acceptance. We are here to help photographers gain access into events so that you can upload your images to our news partners for picture distribution to editors and clients looking for images for their newspapers, websites, and magazines.