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Included in all Press Pass Kits...

2 PVC Press Pass Cards...One card in a navy blue custom badge holder and one card for your wallet or use it with the plastic pouch and custom Picture Stock lanyard we include

Choose from a 2 year, 3 year or 5 year Press Pass Kit 

Media Accreditation Certificate 

Media Vehicle Dashboard Display Card for Free Parking

Custom badge pouch with neck strap comes with 4 compartments for your press pass, ID, phone, business cards, pen and personal items

Free Shipping to the USA and Canada (add $26 shipping for International orders) 

Free customer support by email or phone 1-855-PRESS PASS (773-7772)

Interested in getting Photo Assignments? You can sign up and start receiving photo assignments no matter where you live worldwide

Upload all your images and video and start earning money or use your new press pass credentials for your own personal use

Receive discounts by showing your press card badge at 100's of locations...Get discounts on travel, hotels, car rentals and more...members of the media never pay regular you can join them

Used by thousands of citizen journalists, reporters, bloggers, photographers, freelancers and professionals in over 65 countries since 1997

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Try it. Test it. Love it or Return it! No Questions Asked


What Problems Does A Legitimate Press Pass Solve?

  • A Press Pass allows you to get up close to all the action in order to get the best pictures and video...the better the pictures, the more you can earn
  • You gain access to areas the general public cannot go to
  • You take your pictures or video from the edge of the concert stage or the sidelines at a sporting event away from the general public
  • You get called out to shoot assignments and get paid since you are attached to a legitimate and well-established picture agency which provided the Press Pass to you
  • People respect you since you are now an elite member of the media
  • You get paid and enjoy doing what you love 

Use your Picture Stock credentials for your own personal use or cover Sports, Concerts, News, Elections, Fashion Shows, Celebrities, Trade Shows or any other event.  Upload your images and video and get paid when your work is published, aired or used online. It's that easy!


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