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Press Pass Questions

Q: How do I use my Press Pass to gain access to events?

A: You must first contact the media relations department or event promoters prior to the event or show date and ask to speak to someone in the media relations department. Explain to them that you are a registered photographer with Picture Stock Worldwide in Toronto, Canada and that you have valid press credentials with a picture ID. Explain to them that you will be uploading your pictures during or immediately following the event to our Picture Agency Partner Websites and they will then make these images available to editorial clients worldwide.

If they permit you to shoot the event, your name will be placed on their media list for that specific event. They will then give you instructions on what to do next.

The event organizers will have the final say and will usually advise you by phone or email if you will be permitted to cover their event. The sooner you call the event organizers prior to the event, the greater your chances will be. Some events will only be available to a limited number of photographers or media personality. Space is always limited so first come, first served is how they deal with a large number of media requests in most cases. We recommend you email the event organizers or the media relations department several weeks or months prior to the event taking place. For some events, you must register online only through their website.

If you are accepted, upon arriving, present your Picture Stock Press Pass and confirm your name at the media gate with the media personnel on hand (your name should be on their list). Event organizers will also issue you one of their own event media passes in which case you would need to wear both. After registering at the media gate, you will then be permitted to the press area or gallery of the event where you would take pictures, video or report with the other media personalities.

Q: How do I use my Media Vehicle Pass which is included with my Press Pass? Does it expire? Can I order a Media Vehicle Pass on its own? Can I pay for a replacement?

A: Every Press Pass includes a Media Vehicle Pass. This pass is to be placed on your vehicle dashboard to identify yourself as a member of the media. The use of this Media Vehicle Pass is only permitted for urgent journalistic work and does not relieve the journalist from traffic regulations, fines and/or towing. Picture Stock Worldwide Inc is not liable for the journalist, equipment, personal belongings and vehicle under any circumstances.

Some venues may include designated parking for journalists. When covering breaking news where time is of the essence, some journalists may choose to park at the closest place to the event or scene in order to get the best pictures or video quickly. This Media Vehicle Pass may help identify yourself as a member of the media to your local law enforcement agency however, it is always a good idea to park legally and far away from emergency vehicles at all times.   

You can only receive a Media Vehicle Pass at the time you order or renew a Press Pass. It cannot be ordered separately.

If you lose or have your Media Vehicle Pass stolen, please contact us for the current replacement cost and shipping fee.  

Q: Can I order the Press Pass only or am I required to submit images as well?

A: You can order the Press Pass for your personal use only and not submit/upload any images or videos to our partner websites.

Q: Does your Press Pass allow me access into any event?

A: You must call the media relations department of the event you want to cover first. The Picture Stock Press Pass will help you gain access to most events; however, it is up to the event organizers to decide who will have access. The sooner you call the event organizers prior to the event, the greater your chances will be. Some events will only be available to a limited number of photographers or media personal. Space is always limited so first come, first served is how they deal with a large number of requests in most cases. We recommend you call or email the event organizers or the media relations department several weeks or months prior to the event taking place.

Q: Is your Press Pass recognized and/or valid worldwide?

A: Yes, most event outlets have dealt with Picture Stock Worldwide or one of our clients at one time or another. Event organizers are welcome to email us anytime to confirm any details about you. If you come across a media outlet that has not heard of us, simply tell them to visit our website to get in touch with us.    

Q: Can I email my headshot picture to you when I place my order online?

A: Yes, you must email us your headshot picture after placing your order online. In the same email, include your full name and address so we can match it with your order. Email your picture to support@picturestock.com

Q: What digital size should my headshot picture be?

A: When you are placing your order online and uploading your picture to us, your picture should be approximately 250KB - 1MB in size. It could be in any dimension size (centimeters or inches) as we will crop it to fit on your new Press Pass perfectly.

For best results, upload or email a headshot only of yourself from the shoulders up and try to use a clean, blank white background if possible.

Q: I lost my Press Pass. How can I receive a replacement?

A: Picture Stock Worldwide will replace a lost or stolen Press Pass. The cost to replace a Press Pass is $50.00 shipping included. We should have your picture on file.                                                                                                                      Q: Does your Press Pass come with a money back guarantee?                            A: Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply send an email to our Email Support Center and we will provide you with an RMA Number (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) and details where to send the package to. You must return the entire package to our head office in Toronto, Canada. You must also cover the return shipping cost. Once we receive your package we will refund your payment in the same manner in which you paid within a week in most cases.   

Q: What happens if I return my Press Pass but I keep some of the items that came in my package?

A: If you keep any of the items that came in your package, we will deduct the value of those items you are keeping from your total refund.

Q: How long does it take to process a Press Pass? Do you offer courier shipping?

A: All orders are shipped out in 1-2 business days in most cases. Orders are shipped by expedited air mail service for Canada and USPS Priority mail for orders to the USA. We also ship by courier but additional fees will apply. Couriers will only deliver to a street address (No PO Box addresses).

Most orders will take approximately 5-10 business days to arrive in North America and 10-25+ days for all other countries.

For North American orders, courier delivery will usually take 2-4 days. For all other countries, please allow approximately 5-8 business days depending on which country you live in.

For all courier shipments, we will email you your package tracking information so that you can track your package online. 

For all countries outside of North America, packages will be shipped by airmail and may include tracking numbers.

For courier shipments, use the Contact Us form and send us an email with your complete shipping address for an exact overnight shipping rate.

Q: Will I receive an email from Picture Stock Worldwide after placing an order for a Press Pass?

A: Yes, we will send you a confirmation email once your order has been received and another email once it has been processed and shipped.

Q: Can I drop off and pick up my Press Pass order in person at your office in Toronto?

A: No. All orders must be mailed in. We do not provide pick up service since the Press Pass is processed and shipped from our fulfilment center located at another location.

Q: Can I email my head-shot picture to you and send my credit card payment by mail or can I pay with a credit card over the phone?

A: All online orders must include payment and shipping address information. Once you place your order, you must email us your head-shot picture. We do not take any phone orders or orders by mail.

Q: Can I update my picture on my Press Pass?

A: Yes, you can update your picture on your Press Pass as often as you like. The cost is $50 USD (shipping included) each time you want to replace your picture and the new Press Pass will have the same expiry date. You will only receive the new press pass card and no other items. 

Q: Can you ship my Press Pass by C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery)?

A: Sorry, but we do not accept C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) orders.

Q: Can I pay for my Press Pass by PayPal? What other methods of payment do you accept?

A: Yes, we accept PayPal. You can also pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards. We also accept Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Q: Can I pay in Canadian funds since I live in Canada?

A: All prices are in US funds. 

Q: How old are you required to be in order to buy and use the Press Pass?

A: You must be 16 years of age in order to buy and use a Picture Stock Press Pass.

Q: Can I order a replacement Press Pass pouch only?

A: Yes, send us an email or use the Contact Us page and we will let you know how to order a replacement Press Pass pouch, the current cost, and the shipping fee.  

Q: Do you offer monthly payment plans?

A: No, all orders must be paid with a single payment. 

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with your Customer Service Department if I have a question or concern not listed in your FAQ section?

A: The best and fastest way to get in touch with us is to send an email to our Email Support Staff through our Contact Us page if you have any questions or concerns not listed on our website or in our FAQ section. Most email is answered the same day and in many cases within a couple of hours or sooner.

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General Questions

Q: Basically, how does your Picture Stock Worldwide network operate?

A: If photographers are interested in selling their editorial, breaking news, stock photos, features and stock/news videos, we guide you through this process. You will be uploading your pictures and videos directly to the agency websites we have partnered with. You will work directly with each picture agency. Provided you pass their Quality Control test, you will then be able to upload your work for clients to view, purchase, and download.

When your photos and videos are sold, you are paid a percentage of the revenues. This money is paid to you directly by the selling picture/video agency.

If you would like to order a Press Pass which will help you get closer to the action and the front lines, get into events worldwide no matter which field of journalism you may be in (photo, news, print, video/TV, journalism or radio) simply click on the Press Pass Pricing link to place an order online. Photographers are free to sell their pictures on their own as well.

Q: How will my images and videos be sold to buyers worldwide?

A: Pictures and videos are sold through our picture agency partners and placed on their websites for clients to view, purchase and download instantly. You will need to upload your pictures and/or videos on your own through the links on our website.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Picture Stock Worldwide has been in business since January 1997.

Q: I want to pay using PayPal. What is your PayPal email address?

A: Our PayPal account email address is: support@picturestock.com

You will have the option of paying through PayPal at checkout.

Q: Can I pay by Western Union Money Transfer or bank wire transfer. 

A: We only accept credit card orders online.

Q: I live overseas, however, I know someone living elsewhere that can pay for me. Is this possible?

A: Yes, just have the person paying on your behalf send us an email to support@ picturestock.com explaining that they want to pay on your behalf and we will advise them what to do. They will be required to email us your full name, address and phone number as well as their own information and how they wish to pay. We will take care of the rest for you.

Q: What skill level must photographers have in order to join your agency?

A: We cater to photographers of all skill levels from amateurs to professionals, from students to hobbyists, citizen journalists and everyone in between. If you enjoy taking pictures and/or videos and have an interest in selling your work, you have come to the right place and we will be pleased to have you join our agency. With the digital world we now live in and all the digital cameras and cell phones on the market, our services are of interest to just about anyone who owns a digital camera or smartphone.

Q: I am skeptical about uploading my images to an agency. How can you assure me that my images will be safe with each picture agency?

A: The picture agencies selling your work do nothing but sell pictures to buyers around the world every day. Since this is their only source of revenue, each agency will do everything they can to promote and sell your pictures and work.

Picture Stock only partners with and recommends the best and most reputable picture agencies in the world. We would never partner with any agency other than the very best. Our partner websites have all been in business for a very, very long time.  

You will be able to upload stock, editorial images and video including breaking news, features, business news, sports, entertainment, celebrity and fashion pictures. It will not cost you anything to upload your work and you will earn money when clients view, pay and download your pictures and video(s).

Q: Can photographers or customers contact the photo editors directly at each picture agency?

A: You will need to send an email directly to each picture agency. If you have questions regarding your images, we ask that you contact the agency you are uploading your images to.

Q: Where will my editorial images be used?

A: In general, editorial images are used in newspapers, magazines, TV, blogs and websites throughout the world.

Q: Where will my stock images be used that I upload on your partner websites?

A: Stock images are used in newspapers, magazines, brochures, websites, postcards, calendars, billboards, television shows, newscasts, product packaging, marketing, advertising, blogs, transit shelters and dozens of other places.

Q: How do I apply for a job at Picture Stock Worldwide?

A: If you are interested in a full time, part time or intern position within our agency, send us your resume by email indicating the position you are interested in and your salary expectations. Our contact information is located in the Contact Us section of our website.  

Only those applicants that qualify for an interview will be contacted. Applications are kept on file for six months. Picture Stock Worldwide is an equal opportunity employer.

Q: Is your website safe and secure to place an online credit card order?

A: Yes, we make sure that all online transactions are 100% safe and secure.

The Picture Stock Worldwide website is secured by an SSL certificate providing 256-bit encryption thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible. We use the same safety features the banks use for online ordering. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and our website servers are private and secure.

We use the most advanced measures capable of protecting all your data. Your information is fully protected to the highest level possible. You can also pay through PayPal (a PayPal account is NOT required) where your banking information is never shared with us. Notice our URL is (https://) The “s” stands for secure.

Q: Are tax forms issued to photographers at the end of the year from each agency?

A: Read the guidelines from each individual picture agency website for information pertaining to tax forms and taxes.

Q: Can I have the phone numbers, email addresses or mailing addresses for a few of your photographers?

A: Due to our company's strict Privacy Policy, we are forbidden from giving out any personal information to anyone. We do not rent, trade, barter, share or sell our mailing list, phone number list or email list to any third party ever. There are no exceptions. We will also do the same for you and hope that you understand we are looking out for your privacy and we take this issue very seriously.

Q: How do you keep in contact with your photographers and customers?

A: Picture Stock Worldwide sends out a newsletter by email to all our photographers and customers about 2-3 times per year. Each newsletter may include important company information including updates, valuable photography related product recommendations and photo tips. Anyone can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter free of charge. See the bottom of any page to subscribe for free.

Q: Can I have my images removed from the agencies that I upload my images to?

A: Yes, simply contact the agencies which you have uploaded your images to and request to have them removed from their files and/or websites.

Q: Do I need an email address in order to have an account with Picture Stock Worldwide?

A: Yes, a valid email address is required since all communication from Picture Stock Worldwide is done through email only. It is vital that your email address information is up-to-date at all times. If we cannot reach you via email, we will call you by phone provided a working phone number was provided to us.

An excellent place to sign up for a free email address is at http://www.gmail.com

Q: What is the CVN - Cardholder Verification Number when I key in my credit card number on the Press Pass Order Form?

A: All credit cards have a Cardholder Verification Number (CVN). For Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards, it is a three digit number appearing on the back of the credit card in or immediately above the signature panel. For American Express, it is a four digit number appearing on the front of the card above the embossed card number. This number is mandatory in order to process your credit card order since we cannot physically see your credit card in person. This number verifies that this card actually belongs to you. It is a security feature that was implemented by your banking institution to protect you and to avoid credit card fraud.

Q: I want to purchase editorial or stock photos/videos. How do I go about doing this?

A: If you are interested in purchasing editorial photography, stock or video, click on this link.

Q How often are royalty checks/payments mailed or sent out?

A: Check with each individual agency that you upload your images to.  

Q: How do you pay photographers living outside of North America?

A: Check with each individual agency that you upload your images to.

Q: Will I know how many of my images are sold each month and what they sold for?

A: Check with each individual agency that you upload your images to.

Q: What percentage from each picture sale does the photographer earn?

A: Check with each individual agency that you upload your images to.

Q: How much can a photographer earn overall submitting images to your partner agencies?

A: Every photographer's earnings will be different depending on the quality of his or her work and the number of images or videos being uploaded. The more images you upload, the more images clients will have to view and purchase resulting in more sales for you.

Q: How long does it take before my pictures are sold?

A: Some pictures are sold within minutes of being uploaded to our partner websites and placed on the worldwide market while others may take days, weeks, months or in some cases, your images(s) may not sell at all. If you have exclusive pictures or video of an event or if you arrived at a scene first and captured the first breaking news images, these are the types of images and video that sell right away for top dollar provided you upload your work right away after the event has taken place and provide important information pertaining to the subject of your images and or video.

Q: When my editorial photos are sold, do I receive a photo credit?

A: Yes, your photo credit will appear next to the name of the agency that sells your picture(s). If you prefer not to have your name published, you must advise the agency at the time your images are uploaded.

Q: Do you guarantee that any or all my images will sell?

A: No. Agencies have no control over which pictures will sell and therefore cannot guarantee that any of your images or videos will be sold. With this in mind, it is very important that you upload your very best images and video since this will increase your chances of having your images and videos sold.

Q: What if a buyer wants the full rights to one or more of my images?

A: A sales representative from the agency you upload your images to will contact you directly to discuss a price and help guide you through the necessary procedures. You will always have the final say.

Q: What file size should my editorial or stock photos be in when uploading through your partner websites and how many images can I upload?

A: Check with each individual agency that you upload to. Each agency will have different submitting guidelines. Make sure you read the instructions from each agency including the number of images you can upload and follow their instructions.

Do not include any watermarks, names or copyright logos on your images.  

Q: I just shot some great breaking news pictures. What do I do now?

A: You can upload your breaking news pictures directly to our picture agency partner website by clicking on the UPLOAD NEWS section of our website. If you have not yet set-up an account with our partner website, you will need to register with them and pass their Quality Control test before you can begin uploading your images.

Q: Can I submit prints, slides, negatives or digital images?

A: No. Our picture agency partners will only accept digital images which must be uploaded directly to them.

Q: Can I send my images on a CD or DVD by mail or courier?

A: Check with each individual agency.

Q: Do you accept MAC format?

A: Yes.

Q: Will keywords be added to the images I submit?

A: No. Each photographer must include keywords and search terms when uploading their images. It is very important to take your time when selecting the right search keywords for your pictures and videos. This way, customers searching for your images/videos will find them online. 

Q: I do not want or need a Press Pass, however, can I still upload my editorial images to your picture agency partners?

A: Yes of course. You are more than welcome to use our platform to upload all your images and/or videos to our partner websites. Click on this link to get started.  

Q: Can I submit images taken by other photographers?

A: No. All images being submitted must be the work of the submitting photographer.  

Q: Can photographers from any country around the world join?

A: Yes, we accept photographers from any country worldwide.

Q: Can I edit my images with Photoshop effects?  Can I enhance and crop my images to my liking or must they all be original?

A: All editorial images must be submitted as they were shot. You can color correct and/or crop your images to make them more sellable. Do not change anything else or they cannot be sold.

Q: What picture subjects are acceptable?

A: For editorial, we accept the current breaking news, sports, business news, features, entertainment, celebrities, fashion and any newsworthy topics. For stock, just about anything and everything, however, do not include pictures with company names or logos which will identify a company or brand.

Q: Where can I view stock photos to get a better idea of the types of images I should be submitting through your partner websites?

A: The best place to view millions of stock photos is by doing a search on the Internet through a major search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search for Stock Photography / Video or Stock Photos and dozens of websites will come up where you will be able to view millions of stock images online instantly. This will give you a better idea of what is selling on the market and what to submit.

Q: Do your picture agency partners sell licensed images or royalty-free images?

A: Most stock agencies sell royalty free images. Check with our partner websites for the most up to date information.

Q: Can I use my own model, property and minor release forms when submitting stock images to your partner websites?

A: Each individual stock agency has their own rules and regulations. You will need to contact each agency.

Q: Should I send my model or property release forms when I submit my images to your partner websites?

A: Each individual stock agency has their own rules and regulations. You will need to contact each agency regarding release forms or read their terms and conditions.

Q: When must a model or property release form be signed?

A: Any time a recognizable person or private property is photographed, a release form should be signed at that time. Releases are required should your picture be used for marketing and/or advertising purposes. If your picture is used for editorial purposes only, then generally no release form is required. Editorial use would be a picture used to support a story in a newspaper, news magazine, news website or similar publication.

Q: I took pictures of people but never bothered having them sign a release. Can I still submit these pictures to your partner websites?

A:  Each individual stock agency has their own rules and regulations. You will need to contact each agency.

Q: Is there a Photographer-Picture Stock Worldwide agreement or contract to sign?

A: You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions on our website by clicking on the Agree button when you are asked to do so. You are not required to sign any paperwork. You must also do the same at each individual picture agency you upload your images to.

Q: Do I need to identify each and every image I submit?

A: Yes, when uploading your breaking news images and videos, you will need to explain the basic details when you upload your images and video. Include the basic what, where and when questions. When uploading stock photos or videos, key in as many keywords relating to the image or video as possible. The more search terms and keywords you come up with, the more times your images and videos will turn up and display when clients are searching for them, the more sales you will make.

Q: Do I need to pay to submit my images?

A: No, it is 100% free to submit and upload your editorial and stock images or videos.

Q: How do I copyright my digital images?

A: All images must be the work of the submitting photographer and we assume that the photographer is the copyright holder, therefore no further work is required from the photographer regarding copyright.

Q: What is the lowest megapixel camera a photographer can use to submit images?

A: Check with each individual agency.

Q: Can I email my images?

A: No, all images must be uploaded to each picture agency through their upload platform.

Q: How are my images and videos protected from theft online?

A: All your images and videos will be watermarked with a logo from each picture agency selling your work to prevent any unlawful use or theft of your images and videos. The watermark is removed only when a client has fully paid for the image or video and they have agreed to the terms and conditions of the selling agency.

Q: If I order a Press Pass, do I need to submit images?

A: No, you can order a Press Pass for your own personal use and not submit any images at any time if you wish.

Q: Should I set up a company or submit images under my personal name?

A: Most photographers use their own personal name when submitting images. If you have a company or business and want to submit images under that name, that will be fine. Let each agency know what name they should use to pay you when your pictures or videos are sold at the time of setting up your account.

Q: Can I submit a sample of my work first to see if I qualify?

A: Read the guidelines from each picture agency before sending a sample of your work to see if you meet their criteria.

Q: Who owns the right to my images?

A: You will retain the complete rights to all your editorial images, however, check with the agency you are uploading images to for further information.

Q: How old are you required to be in order to submit images or place an order with Picture Stock Worldwide for a Press Pass?

A: Check with each picture agency regarding age requirements. You must be 16 years of age to order a Press Pass.

Q: If I have a question regarding my images, do I contact Picture Stock or the picture agency?

A: For questions regarding images, you will need to contact the picture agency directly that you are uploading your images or videos to.

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with your Customer Service Department if I have a question or concern not listed in your FAQ section?

A: The best and fastest way to get in touch with us is to send an email to our Email Support Staff through our Contact Us page if you have any questions or concerns not listed on our website or in our FAQ section. Most email is answered the same day and in many cases within a few short hours or less.


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