How It Works

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Note: You can use your Picture Stock Press Pass for your own personal use and you are not required to submit or upload your images or video to our partners unless you would like to. 

To Upload and Sell Your Pictures Only Without Ordering a Press Pass Click the Get Started Button Below

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1) Order your Picture Stock World Press Pass. Use it for your own personal use or continue reading for selling your pictures/video through our agency.  


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2) You decide which events you wish to cover…...perhaps a concert, sporting event, theatre show, fashion show, car race, a celebrity coming to your town, press conference etc….As many as you would like, as often as you prefer. It’s up to you.

     GM press conference    NFL football game   John Travolta  

NHL hockey game player taking a shot on goal             Madonna in concert                                  Fashion model on the runway Bono and Mick Jagger on stage                                      



3) Email the Media or Public Relations department pertaining to that event and ask to be placed on their media list. Every event will have a media or public relations department. Check the event website and click on the media link.

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4) They may contact Picture Stock Worldwide headquarters to verify your Press Pass credentials and your Picture Stock World Press ID Number to confirm if it is valid which our staff will verify if it is valid.

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5) If they do not contact us, they may require a letter from an assignment editor at Picture Stock for verification. Simply fill out the Event Request Letter online form found on our website.

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6) An assignment editor at Picture Stock will write a custom letter on your behalf and will send it within 1-2 business days directly to the media relations department for the event you wish to cover. This is sent by email with the custom letter attached. A copy is also cc’d to you for your records. We do not carry any standard generic letters.

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7) Once approved and provided space is available, the media relations personnel will either contact you directly or they will contact Picture Stock with information on covering the event and where to pick up your event press credentials. If they contact us, we will get in touch with you right away by email.


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8) You bring your Picture Stock World Press Pass to the press or media entrance of the event, check in with their staff and pick up their press credentials for that event. Wear their press credentials at all times while shooting the event. They may escort you inside to the media/press shooting area or gallery or give you directions.


press entrance gate   photographers shooting a tennis champion    female photographer with a big lens on the sidelines

9) You take your pictures or shoot your video; go to our website and upload your images/video directly from the scene to our news and video partner website unless you are shooting the event for one of your clients or your local newspaper or TV station. Most venues have a media office already set up for journalists with WiFi and high-speed internet.

 photographers uploading images at a media press office

10) Once your images are received, they will be made available to news organizations around the world. You are then paid when your images and/or videos are downloaded and used.



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