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"My order was received and I've never seen such care taken in handling and packaging, absolutely outstanding!

Throughout my entire experience I've felt absolutely amazed at the responsiveness, professionalism and level of caring I've been shown. I can honestly say in my 54 years I've never been made to feel so special by ANY organisation until Picture Stock, outstanding people, company and materials." 

Robert C. San Marcos TX

"Your package is complete. I could not be more pleased. Your presentation has improved exponentially since I purchased my first Press Pass in the early 2000's. The Ocean City Maryland  Air Show is a big deal. I made out just fine with my Picture Stock Press Pass."   

Linda D. Delaware USA

“Best money you will ever spend. It will pay for itself with just one picture or video sold. I just love this card and what it does.”

Sandra M., Chicago, IL USA

“Thanks for offering such valuable credentials. I could not have done my work without your Press Pass.”

George Lowther, UK

“Your Press Pass looks professional and makes me look good out on the field shooting sports, which is my passion.”

Henry Lao, California, USA

“I have used your Press Pass to get into dozens of venues (mostly fashion shows) without ever having a problem or being denied entry.”

                                                                                           Michelle Cook, New York, USA

“As a photographer who shoots assignments for several clients around the world, I know I can rely on your media credentials to get into events."

                                                                                               Steve Heilmann, Texas, USA

“I have had one of your Press Passes for 9 years now. I would like to renew it once again.”

Jeff Holden, Georgia, USA

“I am the director of a Camera Club here in London with 41 members and I have been renewing everyone’s press card for years now. I appreciate the volume discounts you have offered in the past and would like to renew everyone’s press card once again.”

Alex Glover, UK

“I just shot a concert and was led up to the press gallery just feet from the stage. I took some amazing pictures and sold one to my local paper where I made the front page of the entertainment section.”

Jeffrey Burns, Colorado, USA

“I have ordered other media passes on the Internet only to be disappointed. I never got into any events with them. I was skeptical at first to order one of your Press Passes since I have been disappointed in the past. After dealing with your amazing customer service reps at all hours of the day and night, I knew I was dealing with a very large and reputable agency. I have told several friends about you as well.”

Julian Morrison, Pennsylvania, USA

“Your Press Pass is recognized by media personal which allows me to cover the events I want to shoot.”

Sara Venetti, California USA

“Your customer service department was quick to resolve an issue I had. Thanks for being available.”

Trevor Mason, Washington, USA

“I have been using a Picture Stock Press Pass since 1999. I would not have been able to earn a living without it.”

David Katz, New York, USA

“Just got my new Picture Stock World Press Pass recently and already got into two major sporting events after calling the media relations department.”

Ryan Burrels, California, USA

“My first picture just got published in my local newspaper of a serious car accident. I would not have been able to get so close if I did not have my Picture Stock Press Pass with me.”

Susan Liscombe, Michigan, USA

“I love shooting concerts and sports. I have already gained entry into 7 venues with my Picture Stock Press Pass. Thanks, I do not know what I would have done without you.”

Peter Lyons, UK

“Your media pass has been accepted as a legitimate piece of media identification in my country (India). I have shot dozens of events over the years all thanks to your Press Pass.  Many pictures have been sold on my own as a result.”

Harpinder Singh Binapal, India

“I have always renewed my press pass before it expires. I just can't work without it. It's part of my camera gear.”

Anna Sikorsky, Poland

“I enjoy shooting fires. I listen to my fire scanners and go out to fire calls all the time. Your Press Pass has helped me get work published over and over again.”

Doug Morris, British Columbia, Canada

“I sure wish I heard about this Press Pass years ago.”

Thomas Eden, Florida

“I have traveled the world taking pictures in more than 45 countries. I always wear my Picture Stock World Press Pass wherever I go. I enjoy shooting for an organization that helps me sell and re-sell my pictures to clients globally.”

George Arpopolos, Athens, Greece

“I am a staff photographer at a newspaper and although I have media credentials from the newspaper I work at, I also have a Picture Stock World Press Pass around my neck. People will take you seriously when you look professional and say you are shooting for a legitimate picture organization.”

Steve Moore, Sydney, Australia

“I just call up Media Relations at an event and tell them I would like to shoot their event for Picture Stock Worldwide and I am placed on their media list. It's that easy. I am then contacted by the media relations department each year directly making it easy to shoot the same events year after year. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child. Thanks for getting me here.”

Michael James Woodford, Illinois, USA

“After researching and checking, I’ve heard nothing but praise about Picture Stock and your press credentials.”

Tyler H., Texas

“I uploaded my Press Pass picture and order on Monday night and had my new Press Pass by that Friday. Now that's great service.”


“Your honesty does not go unnoticed.”

Larry Silver, KANSAS

“Your agency is one of a kind.”

Diane Faro, FRANCE

“I've been a news photographer for 14 years and never really took the time to submit my images to any agency until now. You make it really easy for people like me who are always on the go.”


“Outsourcing my picture selling through your partners was an easy choice to make. I can now focus on taking pictures instead of worrying about who and how to sell my images to.”

Ron Davis, New York

“My new Picture Stock credentials have helped me get into several events.”

Karen Crowe, OKLAHOMA

“I've been looking for a company like yours all my life.”


“With all the traditional agencies out there, it's nice to know there's an agency that has an inviting, fresh approach towards its photographers."


“Thanks for your professionalism.”

Kitt Gore, UTAH

“I just saw one of my pictures in a magazine that is distributed around the world. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thanks for letting my dream come true.”

Paul Orenda Jr., ILLINOIS

“Your charity work tells me a lot about your company.”

Raymond Schauland, Germany

“You can use this testimonial if you wish. I recently finished college and couldn’t get a job in the photojournalism field that I mastered in so I joined your agency. I am the happiest person in the world and getting paid for what I love doing. Thank you and GOD bless you from down under.”

James Moore, Sydney, Australia

“Your affiliates really know how to market my pictures.”

Robin Bishop, WASHINGTON

“My new Picture Stock credentials have been my only source to the events I’ve covered.”

Jack Savro, OKLAHOMA

“My picture made the front page, WOW.”

Anthony Yama, IOWA

“I didn’t know there was such a market for stock photography.”

Beatrice Powlaski, HAWAII

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