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Picture Stock Worldwide (www.picturestock.com) & (www.presspass.net) was founded in 1997 by Tony Costa, a professional award-winning news photographer, and news videographer who has had over 1,200 pictures published in dozens of magazines and newspapers around the world and who has received several photography awards. His news video has been seen by millions around the world through CTV, CBC, CNN, and dozens of television affiliates worldwide. He worked for the Toronto Star (Canada’s biggest and best newspaper) as a full-time freelance news photographer, contributed hundreds of photos to the Canadian Press Wire Service, a photo editor at the Toronto Star for two years and as a full-time freelance videographer at CTV News. Today he runs Picture Stock Worldwide and helps photographers, videographers, citizen journalists, bloggers, freelancers and professional journalists capture the best possible pictures and videos using his companies popular press credentials and assisting them is selling their work with his carefully selected web partners.

Tony Costa at Picture Stock offices showing their press pass

CEO and founder Tony Costa shows the press credentials his company created to help photographers and videographers of all levels gain access into scenes to get up close and get the best possible coverage. By simply using his companies World Press Pass and using the platforms on the Picture Stock website, photographers, freelancers, bloggers and photo enthusiasts can upload their images and videos and have them sold over and over again to hundreds of buyers worldwide. "Your pictures and videos can be marketed and sold commercially around the world very quickly," said Costa.   



Tony Costa sitting at the desk at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia

 Tony Costa sits at the CNN Desk on a recent tour of the CNN studios in Atlanta, GA.

Although Picture Stock Worldwide began as a way to help photographers license their work to picture buyers around the world through a unique picture distribution platform, changes in the stock photography market have forced us to make several changes over the years.

We now focus on selling our very popular press credentials as well as helping journalists sell their breaking news and stock photos through our news media and stock photography partners.

With just about every person walking around with a smartphone today, everyone has the potential to capture pictures and video as it happens which are used on the evening news and in the pages of newspapers and magazines the next day. In many cases, a Press Pass is required to get closer to the action and this is where Picture Stock Worldwide and PressPass.co come into the picture today.

Our World Press Pass has been available since the first day our doors opened in January of 1997. We will help all photographers obtain one of the most important items in your camera bag....a Press Pass and be a part of this exciting photo community.


Getting You Up Close With Your Press Pass Is All We Care About - Trust The Professionals


photographers trying to get the best picture during a media scrum

news photographer working during a parade














Today, Picture Stock Worldwide prides itself as the leading Press Pass provider for professional journalists, freelancers, students, citizen journalists, bloggers and media personnel around the world. Thousands of media personal depend on our Press Credentials to secure work and to have their pictures, videos, stories and radio broadcasts published all over the world. This is our true passion...to help you succeed in this incredible industry.

From students to professional staff photographers and everyone in between; everyone benefits from owning and using a Picture Stock World Press Pass.


press passes of Tony CostaCosta received his first Press Pass at the young age of 15 and although that was many years ago, he tells us that was the biggest contributor to having so many of his pictures published in major newspapers and magazines since it was that little card that got him closer to the action and into news, sports and entertainment venues. Costa could not think of a better way to help journalists from all walks of life around the world live that journalism dream. It all starts with a little plastic card with the words “PRESS PASS” printed across the top and your head-shot picture proudly displayed below. Being attached to a picture agency sets us apart from others just selling a press pass. Today, along with our world-class Picture Distribution Partners, thousands of photographers and journalists see the true value of our World Press Pass. We have received dozens of testimonials from journalists who would not be living their dreams if it were not for our World Press Pass. This means the world to Costa to see how his life was changed and how he is helping so many others follow in his footsteps. “It brings the same joy as when I saw my very first picture published in the country’s biggest newspaper at the young age of only fifteen.” Costa recently said.    


office building in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                           office worker laughing by his computer

With a renewal rate of 94% (the highest in the industry) our Digital Press Pass Credentials are by far the most widely used and recognized around the world. Picture Stock Worldwide has made our World Press Pass affordable so that no matter where you may be in your career, the most important piece of gear in your camera bag is the Digital Picture Stock Press Pass on your smart phone.

Photography may start out as a hobby for some but ends up being a career move for many. People are fascinated with journalism and all the possibilities that come from it.  

We encourage anyone who is thinking about ordering a Press Pass to consider going with a world leader and owning the Press Pass that will truly get you into events and closer to the action so that you too can see your work and photo credits in print, on the air, and on the internet.


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Breaking News Picture and Video Distribution

large newspaper newsroom with workers at their desks

Picture Stock Worldwide helps photographers sell their breaking news, features, business, entertainment and sports images and video to editorial clients worldwide.

Clients browse, purchase and download images and videos instantly. Images and video are uploaded by photographers directly to our partner agency websites.

Photographers earn a percentage of the money their editorial images sell for. This percentage varies from one agency to another.


Stock Picture Distribution

hundreds of stock photos in a collage


Stock photos are required and used in newspapers, magazines, brochures, websites, postcards, calendars, billboards, television, product packages, marketing, advertising, transit shelters and throughout other media channels.

Photographers can upload all their stock photos directly to our partner websites which receive thousands of hits every hour with a huge audience of picture buying clients including graphic artists, designers, website creators etc. Photographers earn a commission each and every time one of their images is purchased and downloaded. The same picture can be purchased and downloaded over and over again creating a residual income each and every month for the contributing photographer.      


Picture Stock World Press Pass

The Picture Stock World Press Pass is used by thousands of photographers every day around the globe and used to cover all types of events for different media outlets. Our World Press Pass will suit every type of media personnel including photographers, journalists, bloggers, reporters videographers, news radio etc..     

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